Sheila Normile Thompson & Greg Hoy

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Episode 16 Rebecca Levine: Seeing the Future. Hiring Guild co-founder Greg Hoy has a conversation with VP of Business Development & Recruiting Rebecca Levine on building great teams, wrangling client relationships, and seeing the future by living in the moment.

Episode 15 Dan McCarthy: Communication & Adaptability. Hiring Guild co-founder Greg Hoy talks with Lime principle recruiter Dan McCarthy on honing communication skill, being precise, and earning the respect of peers and colleagues.

Episode 14 JP Stallard: The Human Condition. Hiring Guild co-founder Greg Hoy chats with Molekule Head of User Experience JP Stallard on directly impacting the human condition, having a relationship with the product you're designing, and making it personal.

Episode 13 Eric Snowden: Making Creativity. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy chats with Adobe Senior Design Director Eric Snowden on the evolution of design tools, mentorship, and building things with your hands.

Episode 12 Vicki Tan: Working with Intention. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy chats with Headspace's lead Product Designer Vicki Tan on locational attitudes, designing mindfully, and choosing your own adventures.

Episode 11 Linsey Jackson: Mental Sorbets. Hiring Guild cofounders Sheila Thompson and Greg Hoy chat with AirBnB Head of Technical Recruiting Linsey Jackson on scaling recruiting culture, finding the glue, and reading the room.

Episode 10 Elizabeth Laraki: A Holistic Approach. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy chats with design director Elizabeth Laraki on design evolutions, success metrics, and playing well with others. 

Episode 09 Amanda King: The Happy Equilibrium. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy chats with recruiter Amanda King on gaining trust while 100% remotely working with candidates and clients, helping people find vocations with a higher sense of purpose, and wine. 

Episode 08 Connie Yang: Continuous Learning. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy chats with Coinbase Design Director Connie Yang on tackling a brand new problem space, gaming your decisions, and unorthodox recruiting techniques.

Episode 07 Serena Wolf: The Fearless Headhunter. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy interviews Serena Wolf of Wolf Creative Company on visualizing your life's vocation, pushing the comfort zones, and knowing oneself.

Episode 06 Frank Yoo: Putting Design First. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy interviews Frank Yoo currently a Director of Design at Google and a first employee at Lyft, on the importance of design & usability having a seat at the table from day one, the power of people skills, and discipline.

Episode 05 Drew Hamlin: Hiring for Design. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy interviews Quip Product Designer Drew Hamlin in the tallest building in San Francisco (!) on recruiting for design and successful transitions. (Additional supplemental notes from Drew below).

Episode 04 Anisha Jain: Intentional Career Decisions. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy interviews Dropbox Design Director Anisha Jain on wearing many hats and the power of intention. 

Episode 03 Sarah Wagener: Being the Other. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy interviews Sarah Wagener, Chief People Officer at DoorDash, about building diversity, communication techniques, and meeting people 'where they are'. 

Episode 02 Rich Cho: Risk and Scale. Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy interviews Rich Cho, Head of Recruiting at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, on starting out in a career in recruiting, building hiring teams, and measuring impact at scale.

Episode 01 Sheila Thompson: The Cohesive Narrative. In the premier episode of the HG podcast, Hiring Guild cofounder Greg Hoy interviews fellow cofounder Sheila Thompson around the urgent need for designing better hiring and recruiting practices by iterating early, and often.